Surface Treatment

Eco-friendly Surface Treatment

In the surface treatment process in the hardware industry, controlling Cr6 and Cr3 content is a critical environmental and safety issue that requires strict compliance with national and industry standards, and Bene takes adequate measures to control it. Besides,  food-grade powder coating was applied to double guarantee the safe-used.

Food-Grade Powder Coating Process

In the cabinet&closet organizer hardware industry, the coating may come into contact with sensitive materials such as food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals, which require very high product quality and safety. Bene guarantees your products can be safely used, and all have passed the ROHS certificate.

  • Food-grade powder coating:  The food-grade powder coating process is a technique that uses polymeric materials, such as polyester and epoxy resins, to make a powder and sprays the powder onto the surface of hardware products through a spray gun. This technique produces a uniform coating on the surface of hardware products with high wear, corrosion, high temperature and anti-corrosion properties.
  • Preparation process:  The preparation process of food-grade powder coating requires the production and processing environment of the material to meet international hygiene standards to ensure that the powder coating does not contain harmful substances and meets food hygiene standards.
  • Advantages:  The advantages of the food-grade powder coating process are that it can reduce environmental pollution, improve product quality and surface texture, and have beautiful, strong and durable properties. The food-grade powder coating process applied in the hardware industry plays an important role in improving product quality and protecting human health.

Surface Treatment to
Control Cr6 & Cr3

Electroplating:  Bene uses standard electroplating to control Cr3 in surface treatment. This method deposits a uniform chromium layer on metal surfaces by immersing them in a solution containing Cr3 ions and passing an electric current through it. The resulting layer provides excellent protection against corrosion and wear and high electrical and thermal conductivity.

Galvanizing / Aluminum plating / Nickel plating:  For the control of Cr6, Bene used surface treatments such as galvanizing, aluminum plating, and nickel plating. These methods provide similar corrosion and wear resistance by forming a protective layer of zinc, aluminum or nickel on the metal surface. This approach ensures environmental safety, and offers higher efficiency and lower costs.

Benefits of Bene Surface Treatment

The surface finishing of cabinet&closet organizer hardware determines the aesthetics and life of the product itself. Those factors are enhanced due to high corrosion and wear resistance. Here are some benefits of Bene surface treatment.


Food-grade powder coating gives many designs and lengthy color charts and minimises or eliminates color variations. Unlike other processes, our powder coating allows metal to maintain its natural metallic lustre.


Powder coating has extreme long durability and offer heavy cost saving through maintenance and supervising. Powder coating hardware makes a surface three times stronger than standard one.


The powder coating process plays a role in corrosion resistance by forming a protective layer, increasing surface hardness and improving high temperature resistance.

Environmental protection

Food-grade powder coating is used to guarantees that people can use the hardware saftly.


Powder coating provides a layer of oxide to the object, which is resistant to rust. Also, it protects the surface from the possibility of peeling and flaking.