Dish Rack

Dish Rack Manufacturer

The draining baskets are designed with a dry tray at the bottom to avoid the cabinet getting wet, and each edge is finished smoothly. As a professional and rich-experienced manufacturer in hardware industry, Bene is committed to providing our customers with high-quality and  customized products.

Explore More Custom Dish Racks For Your Cabinet Business

Dish drying racks from Bene have more humanized designs, thinking more from the perspective of users, such as handle the edging of the stainless steel to prevent from being injured. Browse more high-quality dish drying rack below for your cabinet business.

Design Overview

Bene focuses on the overall quality of our products, as detailed as adjusting slide tolerances and bearing points, etc. We are committed to providing one-stop solutions to further customers’ cabinetry careers.

Spring Stretch Strength&Force Grip Test

The spring strength and force grip were tested up to 10,000 times to ensure a high load-bearing capacity.

Draining pan

There is a draining pan at the bottom to prevent water from dripping, keeping the cabinet tidy.

Multi-layer plating

A bright, smooth surface with excellent oxidation and rust resistance.

Fine craftsmanship

A surface devoid of burrs, solid and smooth connections, and well-matched wires.

Completely Customizable Cabinet Storage Hardware

We mean what we mean. Every business has specific needs, which is why all our products are custom-made to any size, function, material,color and package . So even if you don’t see what you want, just let us know, and we will figure out a way!

Refined Customization in Bene

During the customization process, Bene communicates with our customers until their demands are met. We strictly control every step of the production to ensure high-quality products.