MPG System

MPG System

With over ten years of experience in the hardware industry, Bene has accumulated a lot of feedback and complaints from our customers. Thus, MPG System was started to be built, which focuses on providing a one-stop service for our customers, so that they can save money as well as effort. This system helps us achieve lots of win-win situations.

Buyers' Traditional LCL consolidation Method

What is a consolidation system?

  • Often, a customer’s cargo may not fill a full container, so multiple customers’ cargoes are combined together to maximize cargo capacity and transportation efficiency, as well as to reduce transportation costs. This is where consolidation containers come into play.
  • However, for purchasers, the matter of container consolidation usually requires their own coordination of freight forwarding as well as timely docking work. If the buyer is purchasing a variety of products, it means a lot of work and time will be required.

MPG System in Bene

In Bene, by using our MPG system, you don’t have to worry about consolidation shipping if you buy from us. We have a dedicated staff to help you with the consolidation process, saving you 30%-50% on shipping costs and giving you a worry-free shopping experience.

  • Cost Savings: Our consolidation system can save customers up to 50% on shipping costs compared to traditional methods.
  • Competitive Advantage: The consolidation system can give customers a competitive advantage by offering more affordable and reliable shipping options compared to their competitors.
  • Enhanced Supply Chain Visibility: The consolidation system provides customers with greater visibility into their supply chain, allowing them to track their shipments and make informed decisions about their inventory management.

One-stop and reassuring consolidation service for you

Free & Reassuring Consolidation Service

Bene understands the challenges faced by customers when dealing with multiple supply chains and cross-category procurement. Whether you are a hardware trader, e-commerce customer, or another type of customer, we offer a one-stop solution to help you collect bulk cargo and streamline your procurement process.

Our goal is to provide a reassuring service that helps you save on management costs and avoid the headaches of whip-length purchases.

Bene helps customers manage centralized containers and monitor the shipment of centralized containers according to the purchased container list. We can guarantee our customers worry-free purchasing, container consolidation, and transportation. And all these services are free of charge.

Bene will provide free short-term warehousing services to customers in case other purchases are delivered in advance, and dedicated staff will take inventory and prepare for loading work.

Bene will help customers to declare uniformly, prepare documents uniformly, do customs declaration and inspection, and mail bills of lading and documents.

Bene will help customers to buy insurance according to their needs and take photos during the loading period to ensure the outer box of goods and the shape are intact.

Cargo tracking services is provided to enable customers to know the status and estimated arrival time of their goods timely.

According to the customer's terms of transportation, we can provide EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, and DOOR TO DOOR by sea and air. Include customs clearance at destination and delivery at destination.

1. LCL consolidation

2. Warehousin& distribution

3. Custom declaration

4. Insurance service

5. Cargo tracking

6. Custom clearance

Case from Clients

See and inspire from what our clients experienced.

Clients: This client owns a global e-commerce business that specializes in selling cabinet hardware storage products. They mainly import products from China and distribute them to customers around the world.

Challenges: The hardware storage products are basically bubble goods, large and space-consuming; sometimes, purchasing a single category does not fit in a cabinet. And different parts of the industry need to be purchased from other factories and shipped separately. Therefore, the huge problem they face is the high cost of shipping.

How we help: Bene offered a container consolidation service when they purchased storage products from us, and Bene has a dedicated staff to help the customer arrange the cargo consolidation, so the customer does not have to coordinate multiple factories or shipping companies by themselves. We have calculated that can reduce their shipping cost by 30%-50%. And they also enjoy better shipping visibility because we have a dedicated order writer to communicate with them.

Feedback: Since using our container consolidation system, the customer said that purchasing has become very easy and has reduced their costs.