Bene Materials

First and foremost, a product’s performance is determined by its materials. We carefully select each material to create responsibly sourced  cabinet&closet organizer hardware.

Stable Material Supplier

Bene has a dedicated digital management system (EPR system) to manage and maintain suppliers, guaranteeing the stability of raw material supply and greatly increasing the efficiency of our high-volume production.

Bene has a strong relationship with our preferred suppliers, who are aware of our high standards for quality and collaborate with us for more than ten years.

Main Materials

Stainless Steel 201/304 & Metal Plate Material

Choose stainless steel 201/304 and sheet metal material, quality assurance and sheet metal material is a piece of design, beautiful and texture.

MaterialsYield strengthTensile Strength

Raw Material Control

Quality is seen in the smallest detail. We start to control the precision of our products from the source of raw materials and the testing of raw materials.

Testing on materials:

  • Spectrometer Testing: Confirm raw material type and nickel content
  • Salt Spray Testing: The status of anti-corrosion capability.

● Materials from top steel factory only

● 201/304  steel

● Thickness tolerance < 0.04mm

● Powder coating

Key Parts & Accessories Made to Fit the Products

Bene is quite picky when it comes to the parts we utilize, including the screws and even the plate and trigger, in addition to the slides. This guarantees that our hardware is of the highest quality and will benefit your company for many years.