Blind corner organizer

Blind Corner Organizer Manufacturer

Bene provides a broad assortment of custom options for your cabinetry-making business, including sliding systems and swiveling trays, all of which come in a variety of color, function, size, material, and packaging options.

Explore More Custom Magic Corner for Your Cabinet Business

Tailor the corner space for cabinets to their fullest potential to fully utilize the kitchen. Bene’s blind corner organizers can be custom sized to fit a variety of cabinets.

Design Overview

Bene focuses on the overall quality of our products, as detailed as adjusting slide tolerances and bearing points, etc. We are committed to providing one-stop solutions to further customers’ cabinetry careers.

Double-slide Structure

Ball bearing-equipped horizontal and vertical slides provide smoothness and a strong ability to support weight.

Buffer function

With cushion slides that can ensure a silent and good user experience. A single or double cushion can be customized.

Open method

A left-open or right-open option is available, which is suitable for different directions of the cabinet corner.

Simple Installation

Quick and easy installation without measuring the hole position with a hole jam.

Customizable Cabinet Storage Hardware for Your Business

We mean what we mean. Every business has specific needs, which is why all our products are custom-made to any size, function, material, color and package . So even if you don’t see what you want, just let us know, and we will figure out a way!

What is the Use of Magic Corner in Kitchen?

A Magic Corner in a kitchen is a clever storage solution designed to optimize and make efficient use of the corner spaces in kitchen cabinetry. These spaces are typically hard to access and often end up being wasted or inefficiently used. Here’s how the Magic Corner enhances kitchen functionality:

Optimized Storage: The Magic Corner utilizes the deep corner space of the cabinet, ensuring that every inch is accessible and usable for storage.

Easy Access: With its pull-out and swiveling mechanisms, items that would have been hard to reach in a standard corner cabinet become easily accessible. This means fewer items get lost or forgotten at the back of the cabinet.

Increased Organization: The multiple shelves or baskets in a Magic Corner allow for better organization of kitchen items, be it pots, pans, containers, or other utensils.

Efficient Use of Space: In traditional corner cabinets, the deep, inaccessible corner often becomes a dumping ground for rarely used items. The Magic Corner’s design ensures that space is used efficiently and that items are easy to find and retrieve.

Versatility: Many Magic Corner units come with adjustable shelves or baskets, so homeowners can customize the storage space according to their needs.

Smooth Operation: Modern Magic Corners are designed for smooth operation, with features like soft-close mechanisms that enhance the user experience.

Why Choose Bene

Your Exceptional Kitchen Storage Hardware Supplier.

Bene combines innovation, cost-effectiveness, and exceptional quality with flexiblepurchase options, making it the preferred choice for your business.


With our low minimum order quantity, starting from just 10 pieces, we provideflexible and mix product options for wholesalers, traders, brand owners,e-commerce retailers, and industrial customers.

Innovative Design

Bene kitchen hardware products are designed to be convenient to use, easy toinstall, and work smoothly, simplifying the kitchen experience.

Cost-saving Shippment

Save More, Achieve More! With our strategic freight consolidation arrangements.save 30% to 50% off on shipment costs, making our solutions even morecost-effective.

Quality Guarantee

With free samples for confirmation and our thorough 135 inspection system, ourquality assurance is unmatchable! Choose Bene, choose peace of mind.

Refined Customization in Bene

During the customization process, Bene communicates with our customers until their demands are met. We strictly control every step of the production to ensure high-quality products.