Why Bene

Why Bene?

cost saving system.
MPG system = Cost-Saving system

The MPG system is actually a less-than-Container load system, and we have special staff to help you calculate the area of the consolidation as well as to give you a solution to save your effort and shipping costs.

How the system works

Our unique system can quickly calculate the difference in cost before and after consolidation. Avoid wasting a lot of shipping costs due to extra space.

For our customer

The MPG system not only helps our customers save up to 30%–50%  on shipping costs but also helps them save a lot of energy.

Quality Control
s04-QC before production
s04-QC during production
s04-QC after production
s04-135 Quality control system

Quality control

Bene is committed to the quality of our products, and we place great emphasis on our product process control and process management. We have in-house QA and QC for in-line production inspection, in compliance with the AQL quality control system.

QC before production

Pre-production samples are available for batch confirmation prior to production. Before mass production, we will have pre-precision control checks, such as applying particle spectral analysis to the incoming material.

QC during production

There will be an inspection during the production process. The purpose is to check if there is any leakage, dummy, or over-soldering so that timely adjustments can be made.

QC after production

After finishing the production, there will be finished product inspections, like the inspection of the surface and the weld to interface. 100% inspection prior to each shipment for quality assurance.

135 Quality control system

An AQL Quality Control System, Three inspections on samples. A group of experienced QC personnel to avoid a defective rate. Bene implements the 135 quality control system throughout the production process to solve the customer’s problem about the goods not matching the order.
s05-How our team works
s05-What we research and discover
s05-How our team works
s05-Finally for our customer

R&D team

In a challenging environment with increasing global competition, it is crucial to look to the future and continue learning to foresee the development and trends of every market, in order to improve our knowledge and boost our prospective clients. As a result, Bene places the greatest emphasis on investing in research and development. This is done in order to guarantee that our customers may use goods that have a crucial quality: variety. That’s why we organize our R&D team.

What we research and discover

Our customer is a key partner in the R&D process, which aims at product innovation. As a result of our dedication to actively hearing the demands and recommendations of our customers, we have worked closely with them to build products that satisfy their needs while also advancing our technical expertise and knowledge.

How our team works

Every product undergoes engineering and design work to meet client needs while also providing a full solution that includes technical aspects of innovation, aesthetic benefits, and functional advantages to be a viable partner for the main players in the cabinetry business.

Finally for our customer

All of the registered patents serve as evidence of the company’s ongoing dedication to innovation and continual progress. Bene seeks to help our customers lead the commercial sector and aids in life organization.
Material control

Bene controls the quality of incoming materials at the source, we have been working with our suppliers for many years and use good quality 201/306 materials. We also test the materials to ensure that they meet the production standards.

Material testing

Before production, we perform a salt spray test to determine the corrosion resistance of the material as well as a potion analysis test to confirm the type of raw material and nickel content.

material control
surface treating
Surface treating

The control of Cr6 and Cr3 content in the hardware industry is an essential matter because of the related environmental and safety issues. It requires strict compliance with national and industry standards. Bene taking effective measures for control.

High-quality products

The products made by strict and environmentally friendly surface technology are more beautiful, corrosion resistant and durable. The quality of the product is greatly improved.

Precision testing

Precision testing includes tolerance testing and accessory fit testing, which involves measuring the dimensions of hardware components to ensure they meet the required tolerances and quality standards. It helps ensure that the products we manufacture are consistent and meet customer expectations.

Functional testing

This testing involves subjecting hardware to various loads and cycles to test its load-bearing capacity and identify any design or manufacturing issues. It is crucial for ensuring cabinet hardware can withstand the stress of daily use.

Surface coating thickness testing

This surface coating thickness testing ensure it meets the required standards for durability, wear resistance, and appearance. The thickness of the coating can impact the hardware’s functionality and aesthetics, so it’s essential to ensure that it meets the required standards.