R&D Team

R&D Team

Based on market trends and customer feedback from worldwide, Bene has formed our own R&D team.

The Latest New Products and Design Concepts

Kitchen floor cabinets and hanging cabinets will have some blind corners and irregular cabinets. To fully utilize these space you will need special storage hardware good. Therefore, from the end user’s perspective, combined with the installation characteristics of carpenters, as well as the advantages of materials, cost-effectiveness, and other reasons, we designed three products and applied for a patent.

Extension Functions

This organizer hardware suits floor cabinets well and fully utilize the area of blind cabinet.


It can be lifted, and people can get the items without crouching down which has good user experience.

Metal Material

Newly metal materail of one-piece design which is beautiful and textured enhance the exquisiteness of the cabinet.

R&D Process Linked to Customer Needs

Our R&D team uses industry experience and customer feedback to develop new products for their markets. We are in close contact with our customers from the time we collect their requirements, and we listen to their suggestions during the development process. After the R&D, we also go through multiple tests until the product meets or exceeds the customer’s requirements.

R&D from the suggestions and feedback from our clients and worldwide market.

We will first make 3D drawings to simulate the whole product's usage as well as the scenario.

According to the drawing, we will use 3D printing, laser cutting, and other means to make hand mold prototypes.

Beside the funtioa and scenario , surface treatment also be applied on the samples to simulate completly the same as finished one.

After the surface treatment ,we sent the samples to the core customers for rapid exploration and collection of feedback and opinion summarization to do some adjustments.

After the machine-molded product comes out, a new round of inspection and testing will be conducted.

Then mass production will be realized after clients' trible confirm and mold opening.

Start from customers' demands

3D drawing for scenario & function confirmation

Prototyping and testing

Surface treatment

Customer double confirm and adjustment

Testing & installment

Customer trible confirm and mold opening