Service in Bene

In order to provide customers with the highest quality service, we strictly treat every step in the production process. Besides, we provide information on the industry for customer reference.

Highly Specialized and Meticolous Production Progress

Bene strictly follows international standards in the production process and pays attention to quality control. We lay emphasis on the rigor of the process and the precision of the machine in every step in order to produce high-quality products.

One-stop Customized Service, from Products to Packging

In addition to producing storage hardware products with heart and soul to help our customers’ cabinetry businesses, We also provide additional value-added services. Even the packaging is carefully designed and drop-tested. Let customers truly experience one-stop, customized service.

The range of packaging customizations can include logo customization on both the inner and outer box. We have a professional art team that can help produce the die-cut drawings.

The most basic requirement for package boxes in the hardware industry is that the material strength should be high, so in addition to choosing boxes made of high-strength materials, we will also conduct drop tests to double-check the protection of our products.