Cabinet & Closet Organizer Hardware Manufacturer

Bene has specialized in superior-quality and cost-effective cabinet & closet organizer hardware for years and is committed to being your reassuring one-stop solution provider for all your storage hardware needs.

More than 100 brands develop their cabinet&closet business with Bene’s cabinet storage hardware.

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Integrated Solutions for Kitchen & Closet Organizer Hardware Business

Kitchen Storage Hardware Solution

Bene is dedicated to offering kitchen storage hardware (Magic Corner, Pantry Organizer, Dish Rack, and Pull Down Basket) to support the growth of your cabinet-making business. 

From the design of the product until you receive it, Bene is actively involved in every link. Provide you with worry-free one-stop solution service.

Closet Storage Hardware Solution

With Bene closet organizer hardware, such as a pull-down closet rod, rotating shoe rack, and pants hangers, you can offer your customers a tailored solution to their wardrobe storage challenges.

Bene offers more sizes to fit unique specifications for your products ,and more other custom options,and one-stop solution make your business effortlessly.

Versatile Hardware Options

As a richly experienced manufacturer in the hardware industry, Bene provides ample categories for two spaces to diverse your cabinets business become much more practical and accessible.

Kitchen Hardware

The kitchen hardware solutions have been demonstrated to boost storage and usefulness, and four categories of products and some accessories are provided for your choice.

Closet Hardware

All closet storage hardwares can be customized by size, function, etc. Find the perfect solutions tailored to your industry niche.

Why Bene Hardware

At Bene Hardware, we always put our customers first and provide high-quality solutions that deliver real benefits to their business.

s05-Eco-friendly Surface Treatment
s05-R&D Ability
s05-Quality Security

30%-50% Cost-saving on Shipping

Bene offers a consolidation service for our customers. We have dedicated staff to help our customers organize their cargo so that they can save 30%–50% of the cost of shipping while saving effort.

Eco-friendly Surface Treatment

Bene strictly adheres to national and industry standards in the surface treatment process and takes effective measures to control the content of Cr6 and Cr3.

R&D Ability

The professional and strong R&D team keeps up with new products every quarter and can ensure that your customization needs are met to the perfect level.

Quality Security

We have our own 1-3-5 quality inspection system. And the three mandatory inspections in the production process are the key to ensuring product quality.

Getting Started from Sending Your Demands

1. Custom Demands

When sending custom requests, you will be assisted by an expert and integrated team.

2. Proofing

At this stage, we will produce samples according to your demands.

3. Prenatal Sample

The customer can make a precision adjustment after the prenatal sample is produced.

4. Bulk Production

Strict QC inspection and well-maintained machinery are required during this stage.

5. Shipping

Our MPG system will help lower your shipping costs.

About Bene

Bene mainly offers a one-stop customization solution with kitchen&wardrobe storage hardware for your cabinet-making business. With a huge production capability, there is no worry about lead time.

Scale and expertise

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